Thursday, April 1, 2010


We came to Toowoomba looking for work, believing that there could be jobs for both of us at "SQIT" (South Queensland Institute of TAFE) or even USQ (University of South Queensland), both of which are in Toowoomba. As Toowoomba recieves a lot of refugees and immigrants, there are lots of opportunities to teach English as a Second Language (ESL).

Or so we thought.

Somehow it didn't work out quite like that. But at least I got a part time casual job at SQIT, teaching English to refugees and migrants at Gatton, some 36km from Toowoomba, at the bottom of the "Range". Three days a week I drive a SQIT car down to Gatton and back.

It is a multi-cultural, multi-level class, really hard work!

Many of my students are refugees from Sudan, and have never attended school even in their own language, so they have the unenviable task of learning English and becoming literate at the same time.

They are pretty special people, though, and it has been a valuable experience for me.

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