Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Scenic Rim

We took a bit of a ride around the Rim, while Alison was still with us.

There was a lot of lovely scenery to view through the car windows, but at one stage we decided to get out at a rest area, and hike up to alookout through a little bit of rainforesty bush.

We saw lots of creatures and buggies, and even felt relatively intrepid.

As we climbed back down the hill towards our car, we could hear voices, and hoped that no one was stealing or vandalising our vehicle. When we got there we were surprised to find the little car park jammed with cars, and a long line of vehicles at a standstill in the road, which was blocked by a police car. Apparently a little further down the road (which was a fairly steep hill) a truck had got into difficulty and slid off the road or something, and the police were holding up the traffic until it was all cleared.

After that we went up Mount Tambourine, to enjoy the views.

This is a jumping off place for crazy hang-gliders and the like.

Then we drove on down to visit an old friend down near Surfers, and stayed the night.

Ali went for a bit of a swim at "Surfers" - Burleigh Head - and found it very strange swimming in the crowd between the flags - after the freedom of Rockingham beaches where your safety is your own responsibility.

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